Chris Sloan – Slow Down (Spotify)

“Fascinating harmony, rich melody and sensual vocals from -Chris Sloan-. You will have the strong desire to learn those lyrics and silently whisper them. Beautiful and meaningful song, with a huge bouquet of emotions.”

“Завораживающая гармония, богатая и ласкающая слух мелодия и чувственный вокал -Chris Sloan-. У вас появится стойкое желание выучить текст и напевать его каждый удобный случай. Прекрасная, красивая и содержательная песня, с огромным букетом эмоций.”

Slow Down is the latest single from Seattle based Chris Sloan, featuring Ben Smith and Andy Stoller of rock and roll hall of fame band Heart, and recorded at the legendary Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, WA.

The singer-songwriter's music features attention-grabbing, raspy vocals, and his latest single is no exception. On the track, Chris explains the ‘song is a sexy, "easy like Sunday morning" track. I wrote the song because I wanted a sexy, yet playful track on the record’.

Speaking about the single, Chris explains ‘This song is about wanting to slow life down for a day and just enjoy your partner. "Take off all your clothes and climb right back into my bed". Let's forget the responsibilities and the mundane tasks that we fulfill day in and day out. Let's instead ignore those distractions and just enjoy the feel of each other. The song encompasses the need to "slow down" and forget about everything we have been trained to view as "important" or necessary, and just revel in the sensation and palpation of each other's bodies instead. Because THAT is just as important as the day-to-day minuscule tasks, yet we don't allow ourselves to enjoy that enough’.

In his career, Chris has been the lead singer of several bands, including Mercy Parker, Mudsill Widows, and SideDown, performing on stages since he was 18. Chris’s unique voice and polished songwriting capabilities set him as an exciting breakthrough artist whose solo career has the music industry buzzing. His songs stretch across genres from acoustic, indie, pop, and alternative mixed with a bit of rock.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 15, 2022