DANIEL ROURE – Oh oui le blues (Spotify)

“We have some good news for our Jazz fans; "Oh oui le blues", packed with that old and gold acoustic magic. Professionally organized production of a higher level. Listen once and you'll estimate the value of "Daniel Roure".”


Toulon, France – September 15, 2020 – Jazz musician Daniel Roure is transporting listeners to the sidewalk cafes and lights of France with his latest album. “Quintessence” has all the jazz melodies fans will love paired with soulful lyrical content.

“Quintessence” features the talent of many musicians as well as the powerful voice of Daniel Roure. The sounds blend together to form romantic, smooth jazz melodies. All of this is overlaid with the amazing vocals of Daniel Roure. Each track is sung with a well-stamped voice, perfect diction, relaxation, and classic charm which is heard across the slow tempos. Jazz lovers will need to add this to their playlist, experiencing a new depth to jazz.

Daniel Roure was born in Marseille and is a singer, pianist, and composer. His music is based on vintage love songs and french adaptations. Daniel released a successful album, “Le Temps D’un Jazz.” It garnered more 52 million streaming on Radio Pandora.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 21, 2021