“Lost love, regret and deep thoughts about human relations are all present in the single of Daphne Parker. Lyrics coming straight from the heart and a fragile vocal performance, followed by Acoustic strings of violin. Serious sound, for serious listeners.”

‘Enough to Kill‘ is a song that is clearly heartfelt and is stark to the extreme, with Daphne Parker Powell staying true her commitment to honesty when she describes thedishonestythat’s not being revealed even in the most intimate situations.
‘The Starter Wife’has been brought to life through the artistic input of producer Duane Lundy and a group of Daphne Parker Powell’s trusted friends who happen to be first-rate musicians. Central to this undertaking is longtime collaborator, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, and violinist Kieran Ledwidge.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
October 2, 2022

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