David Myles – Walk With Me

“-David Myles- manages to support the bar at a decent level. He knows how to competently combine everything that has been developed over many years in a whole sound picture. A smooth melodic line, delicate vocals and atmosphere of folk music.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-David Myles- удаётся поддерживать планку на достойном уровне. Он умеет грамотно скомпоновать всё то, что наработано за многие годы в целую звуковую картину. Плавная мелодическая линия, нежнейший вокал и атмосфера Folk музыки.”


New Brunswick-based singer-songwriter, David Myles, is a seeker. “Walk With Me,” taken from his introspective upcoming record, finds the musician looking to fill his spiritual void.

Plaintive lap pedal steel guitar accentuates Myles’ yearning vocals, complemented by sisters Reeny and Haliey Smith’s backing vocals. The gliding folk and roots song features writing contributions from Old Man Luedecke, who assisted Myles with lyrical precision.

Myles captures feelings of desperation and longing in an emotionally rich narrative which has a deeply human need at its core.


Reviewed by Nagamag on August 4, 2022