David Roper – Everything Will Be Fine (Spotify)

“Everything will be fine - these words will warm any soul and the music will soothe all wounds. Especially when you have a representative examle of classic Indie folk, with its beautiful acoustic guitar melodies, light rhythm and warm vocals.”

“Всё будет хорошо — эти слова согреют любую душу, а музыка расставит все необходимые акценты. Тем более, когда перед вами представитель классического indie folk, с его красивыми мелодиями акустической гитары, лёгкого ритма и тёплого, душевного вокала.”


Artist said about this song:

"This song was written on and off for the past few years, as a future wedding song for my partner at the time. It was difficult to record following the end of that relationship, but its important to have that feeling preserved."


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 9, 2022