Daxsen, Blazar, Jerad Finck – Tomorrow (Spotify)

Daxsen, Blazar, Jerad Finck – Tomorrow

Daxsen, Blazar, Jerad Finck – Tomorrow (Spotify)

A fresh collaboration release by Blazar & Daxsen. Retro synths with modern modulations, synthpop aesthetics under house grooves sound designs, please you with a fresh sound and delivering a positive outlook to listener.

BLAZAR is a collective of top producers, artists, and writers collaborating with Artist/Producer Jerad Finck. Jerad said "I wanted to make a

record old school, really developing the songs bar by bar, with all of the coolest cats and producers I've met over the years in

something entirely new, a collaborative effort of rad people with creative freedom. This has been dream of mine to do, and over the

last couple years I have been working on this. Songs on BLAZAR are by Jerad Finck and include collabs with power produce/writer

Steven Solomon (Wrote Jame's Arthurs Hit "Say You won't Let Go"), Denny White (Tiesto, The Fray), Anthony Resta (Duran

Duran, Collective Soul), Troy Welstadt (Pink), Jay Condiotti (Next Top Model, ScoreKeepers Composer), Hans Dekline *Grammy

Winning Mastering Engineer), Jake Newton (Sleeping Wolf), David Filice (Run DMC), DAXSEN (Tiesto)"

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 29, 2020