Derun – Kaunos – Pophop’ Smash Remix (Spotify)

“Prepare for a special trip into 3D sound, filled with atmospheric properties. "Derun" and "Pophop" Organic House invitation from outer space, promising adventure and a big dose of entertainment.”

Border-crossing, immersive, warm, dreamy, wide, open and spacious. Good descriptions for the sound ofDerun, yet there’s one word that really hits the mark: Human. On their Kaunos EP the duo invites us to liveand create a new world culture that exists without any questions of origin or destiny, of achievement oraspiration. To let go and to surrender to the lively play of the groove means to leave behind the paradigmsof everyday life and to spontaneously connect on a much more universal level. Stylistic accentuations andharmonic contrasts within this rich experience can be found in the remixes of Pophop and Lannka, who give

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 1, 2022