Johanna Amelie – IRL (Spotify)

“Fresh and deeply relaxing Dream Pop candy, ideal to listen right after a busy day. Johanna Amelie has added a new dimension in sound with her angelic voice, completing the highly harmonic puzzle of the whole production.”

About the single IRL

Johanna spontaneously wrote the song IRL, a monolog, on a long winter day, on her birthday in 2021. It's the second single of her upcoming Album "Fiction Forever".

IRL stands for (in real life).


Songs that consist equally of reality and imagination.

Johanna Amelie is a Berlin based indie artist and music producer.Even as a child Johanna Amelie could not keep her hands off instruments. From theage of 3 she learned to play the violin, later viola, saxophone, piano and flute.Perhaps it was the fact that her parents and grandparents were also musicians. Orperhaps she just had an instinct for music.

Regardless, on her 17th birthday Johanna was given a Regina Spektor CD and from that moment on she knew:singer-songwriter was to become her profession.

Today Johanna performs internationally both with her band and solo. She plays avariety of instruments on stage and her music videos are created with a collectivemade up of fellow artists based in Berlin. Aside from her own projects, JohannaAmelie is committed to increasing the visibility of women and non-binary people inthe music industry as a whole. She founded Visibility*Breakfast (a monthly meet upfor female* and non binary artists) and she’s a member ofMusic Women* Germany."Plans are fiction, they are the entrance doors to a journey to a yet uncertainfuture.“(-JohannaAmelieonFictionForever)In April 2022 Johanna Amelie will release her new studio album ‘Fiction Forever’(viabrillJant alternatives/The Orchard/Indigo). She’llintroduceit to audiences during hertour in May.The songs on her new album are testimonies

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 28, 2022