dezabel – With You

“New single -dezabel- sounds with ease and trepidation. In his voice there are experiences and the whole range of emotions that helped him write such amazing music in the genres of Neo-Soul and Lo-Fi Pop. A real talent that can be caught in each performed note.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новый сингл -dezabel- звучит с лёгкостью и трепетностью. В голосе чувствуется переживания и весь спектр эмоций, которые помогли ему написать такую потрясающую музыку в жанрах Neo-Soul и Lo-fi Pop. Настоящий талант, который можно уловить в каждой исполненной ноте.”

On his latest single, “With You”, which dropped July 1st, Zurich-based musician and producer, dezabel has delivered a complex, deeply satisfying track, which offers a sophisticated new blueprint for crossover pop and dance music. Elements of synth-pop, west coast vibes in a modern dress. The sounds are a blend of Lauv, and The Eagles and is a perfect companion for a ride or a beach day.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 10, 2022