“Domshe drops a new release through Bach Music imprring, called Pursue + Remixes, we picked the original track Pursue to blog about for its well crafted minimal beauty of those things we love techno a lot! Through a driving acid line, lush hats and techno vocals this is a floor filler for the peak moments on a techno event. Makes your blood in your veins to boil ”

Domshe - Pursue + Remixes (Filterheadz & Marco Rovere) [BML317]

Support from: Ilario Alicante, Joseph Capriati, Stiv Hey, Gaga, Alex Lentini, Gai Barone, Don Diablo, Gruw Frequency, Alexg, Obie Fernandez, Pablo Caballero, Jon Hodgson, Kris Von, Tekno1 Radio, Brooklyn Mike, Pablo Prado, Disscut, Andrea Poggio, Worda, Vazik, Andrea Ghirotti, Enlusion, Walt / Sonus FM, Sammy W & Alex E, Celic, Ruslan Cross, Denzo / Global Translations Radio Show, Mucho Stylez, DJ Deaf, Bluespark, Greyloop / Dynamica, Chamomile, Aluria, Rapsodia Radio, Mike Vee, Danny Grunow, John Askew, Nifra, Enzo Sorrentino, Tom Eco, Rob Zile / Kiss FM, Nikas Venn, David Moreno, Flame On Fire, Audioal, DJ Brian Cheetham, Kaeno, DATA, Torteraz, DJ Optician and many more

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 7, 2020

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