DREAMERS, Big Boi, UPSAHL – Palm Reader (Spotify)

“The track titled as -Palm Reader- from the homonymous EP can not be perceived as just another job from Trio -Dreamers-. Dynamic and vibrant representative of indie rock, which will certainly stay with you for a long time.”

“Заглавный трек -Palm Reader- с одноимённого EP невозможно воспринимать как просто очередную работу трио -Dreamers-. Динамичный и яркий представитель indie rock, который непременно останется с вами на долгие времена.”



New York, NY, March 5th, 2021: Los Angeles-based alt-rock trio DREAMERS debut their five song EP titled Palm Reader out today on all streaming platforms. The spotlight track “Palm Reader,” is an infectiously catchy love song mixed into a world of modern pseudo-spirituality and features the legendary rapper Big Boi of Outkast and acclaimed alt pop disruptor singer/songwriter UPSAHL.

“‘Palm Reader’ is a song about an LA woman, adorned with all the crystals, sage, tarot cards and sacred intuitions,” explains lead singer Nick Wold. “I was almost poking fun at her when she said she could tell my fortune.. but then I realized while writing the chorus that maybe she can tell my future, since she decides it.

Ever since the early 2000s, Outkast was my favorite hip hop group, and I’ve been having my mind blown by their lyrics and

styles for a long time. The fact that Big Boi is on the track is like a surreal dream for me and connects me to my wide-eyed

earlier self before we ever started the band. Add in the powerhouse energy and voice of UPSAHL - I’m such a fan of these 2 artists and what they brought to our song. ”

The Palm Reader EP is the culmination of the band's hits from 2020 and 2021 and dives deeper into ideas about mortality, gratitude for existence, and the need for knowledge. The projects features standout tracks “Still Not Dead” ft American Teeth and Wes Period, and “True Crime” ft DeathByRomy which speaks about breaking hearts. The EP also includes “Heat Seeker” ft. grandson and a classic Dreamer’s track “Teddy Bear.”

“I think this year of quarantine has been a time of reflection and perspective, of realizing what’s really important,” says Wold. Ultimately it’s been really positive, because I know that I have life and good people in my life, and that's what really matters. This EP is some kind of a twisted diary on the way to that realization. Additionally, it’s been our first stab at branching out and collaborating with other amazing artists that we’re lucky to know.”


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 11, 2021