Dustin Dale Gaspard – Porcelain Dreams (Spotify)

“Crystal, clean and at the same time lamp sound. That guitar melody, enveloping vocals, slow and durable Indie Folk rhythm, are completely balanced and sound unique! If you listen "Porcelain Dreams" at its full length, you'll feel every note performed by its producers.”

“Какой кристальный, чистый и в то же время ламповый звук. Мелодия гитары, обволакивающий вокал, медленный, тягучий ритм indie folk, всё максимально сбалансировано и звучит просто невероятно! Если послушать трек от начала и до конца, то можно прочувствовать каждую ноту, исполненную музыкантами и исполнителями.”


Based in Lafayette, Dustin Dale Gaspard is both Alt. Folk Songwriter and front man/ vocalist for Rock N Soul group DG and The Freetown Sound. He has prided himself on conviction of live performance, clever cryptic lyricism and an always evolving songwriting style. From howling vocal ambiance of solo tunes like "Same C", to other creative, yet simple folk driven tunes, "Widower & The Water", his writing reveals a variety of range. Gaspard focuses on sharing tales and sustaining soul touching live performances. With new age roots on the rise Gaspard looks to make his mark for any listener willing to dance to his vision. "Porcelain Prayer Tapes" is the first full demo release. If you’re looking for a new serene acoustic guitar-led soundscape to surrender your consciousness to, up and coming artist Dustin Dale Gaspard’s latest single “Porcelain Dreams” comes highly recommended. Porcelain Dreams finds the perfect balance between Indie, Folk, and Shoegaze to offer a bluesy, soulful and intrinsically melodic soundscape. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call the US-based 6-piece’s latest offering of Ambient Americana one of the most mesmeric soundscapes we’ve heard this year. Many similar downtempo singles all too easily fall flat and into the realms of pedestrianism, but there’s an alchemy to Dustin Dale Gaspard’s sound which will become more than perceptible once you hit play on their latest release.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 30, 2021