Dynah – Page blanche (Spotify)

DYNAH, a new name, a new pop costume tailored especially for the singer-musician Melody LINHART. Two syllables taken from her actual name in order to make her metamorphosis as smooth as possible and let the magic begin! With these five letters, she becomes a freer version of herself.

Originally from an acoustic background where she played jazz, folk and soul music, Melody Linhart is currently undergoing a new beginning, a blank page – « PAGE BLANCHE » is the title of her first single – and starting a new musical chapter, in French this time, propelled by sometimes minimalist electro pop music. Her style lies at the meeting-point between Clara Luciani and James Blake.

Throughout her collaborations, from Paris to London, through Spain and the Netherlands, Dynah has been adopting a new, more efficient, more strait forward, way of writing. She seeks simplicity: “Songs have to come self-evidently.” Melody Linhart has been refining her touch. Her trademarks are: describing a scene in a song as precisely as if it were a movie, composing as if she were weaving an outfit for a character, including unexpected words in her lyrics such as “chrysalis”, or “koala”, hidden poetry.

In this new playground, Dynah is exhilarated and liberating herself: “Pop music is a good excuse to talk about love and sensuality.” Here, a few notes of synth reveal a woman feeling blue. There, desire springs out through programmed beats. Weaknesses, dreams, pleasure, motherhood, Dynah explores pop as she does her life, confronting her lyrics to electronic sounds.

Added to this vindicated sensitivity, are the fantastic meetings with French and international producers such as: Nicolas Gueguen, Martin Chourrout, Guillaume Martial or Lionnel Buzac, all of whom collaborated to this first EP: DYNAH (Finalistes/Musigamy).

Electro music gives her impulse, the stage will give her wings.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on June 22, 2020