e.no – Why Should I Run – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“e.no pinch us to think -why should i run- ?, with his new single under the imprint - A Grand Strategy. Teasing us with the right synthpop craft of synth arp layers and groove, with an abundant wide vocal performance and an upbeat chorus. Stop to run, and enjoy good music.”


Ever having those nights when your mind moves back & forth like a grinder, through things to do & come & already gone? Why should I Run is a little song to soothe your restless head, a charming plea for a moment of halt in uncertain and relentless times. The track’s sweet 80s-infused synth melodies and its pop attitude might fool you into believing this is just another superficial radio pop song. But the lyrics and e.no’s very immediate vocals give proof that this is not just another background-playing elevator tune.

Why Should I Run? is the first single off e.no’s debut album, due to release in February 2021. Together with a long list of guests and featured artists, he explores an astonishing variety of styles and genres, including Folk, Soul, Acoustic pop, Techno, Disco, Breakbeat and Hip Hop, always with a strong focus on lyrics. The album revolves around the topic of the clear ambiguity, shimmering variety and pale randomness of modern urban life.


e.no is an independent solo artist, producer and DJ from Berlin.

Finding inspiration in Nordic Singer/Songwriters, Indie Pop, trashy 90s Radio Dance and Electronic Funk, he oscillates between honest, hand-crafted songwriting and the glittering, noise-heavy sphere of electronic music. From sparsely arranged, almost inaudible acoustic songs to massive, itchy dance tracks, you can easily spot e.no’s urge to always explore new ideas and expressions.

On stage he thrives with an astonishing range of styles and an eclectic electro-acoustic performance with vocals, piano, Glockenspiel, synthesizers, effects and his trumpet.

Besides continuous performances on festivals and stages in Germany, Prague, New York, Bucharest and Copenhagen, e.no writes music for theatre plays, animation films, web TV series and a smartphone game, but also produces and remixes other artists and projects.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 17, 2020