Edisunn – In Your Dreams

“When young we always wanted to grow up fast, but it proved difficult to keep our best habbits alive. "Edisunn" states the problem here in a very personal and sencere way. Have you been in a similar situation? Enjoy this lyrical, extra melodic, Alternative Hip-Hop gem and find out the answer.”


In Your Dreams is a heartfelt song about growing up. The track is inspired by my struggles of wanting to preserve a healthy relationship while pursuing music. Feeling frustrated and tired of consistently trying and it not working, and nearly giving up on it all.

It's cohesive to the themes of my debut EP Thinking Over Thinking, and reminiscent of my most popular single from it, Can’t Stay, which got over 130,000 streams on Spotify playlists.

In your Dreams is introspectively lyrical and melodic, balancing laid back/tired sounding vocals, poetic/lyrical verses, with soft melodies over an ear catching rhodes sample, groovy/subdued drums and a deep sub.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 25, 2022