Eran Prion, Ofer Prion – Evelyn’s Theme (Original Soundtrack)

“In "Evelyn's Theme" the artists kept a low profile and have captured the strength of those bewildering piano note vibrations, with a minimal effort. Slow-paced, mysterious and crystal production, recommended for all the lovers of Ambient sound.”

This beautiful Piano theme is the 3nd Release of the soundtrack album 'Evelyn'. A mellow, minimalistic & romantic piano piece that represents Evelyn's loneliness and introvert character, reflects the enchanting beauty that's in simplicity and chant like structure. It ends with a string ensemble statement to indicate the hidden power Evelyn has within her, powers she is still not aware of. From the prominent TV composers, Eran & Ofer Prion

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 25, 2022