El Gringo Mariachi – Big Train

“The barely audible, slightly muffled vocal --el Gringo Mariach-, as if the light of street lamps illuminates your path. His energy proceeds from the very depths of his soul, and the melody of live music in the Alt Country genre is like a cherry at the top of a sweet pie.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Едва слышимый, немного приглушённый вокал -El Gringo Mariach-, словно свет уличных фонарей освещает вашу дорогу. Его энергетика исходит из самой глубины его души, а мелодия живой музыки в жанре Alt Country как вишенка на верхушке сладкого пирога.”


Written by El Gringo Mariachi frontman Joshua Josue, the song has haunting desert overtones inspired by The Good, The Bad and The ugly and Ennio Morricone combined with the driving Alt Country backbeat of bands like The old 97's and The Bottle Rockets.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 5, 2022