“An amazing creative nature on -Telephone- song from a composer with a rich inner world, which not afraid to experiment and boldly goes beyond genres, despite the recognizable style.”

“До чего удивительна творческая натура. Автор песни -Telephone- с богатым внутренним миром, он не боится экспериментировать и смело выходит за рамки жанров, несмотря на узнаваемый стиль и подачу.”

Self produced Palestinian singer-songwriter, EL X manages to express different emotions into eastern infused English/Arabic songs.

Mostly recorded in his private bedroom, songs like “Mjnone” and “Decline” contain melodic and harmonic new fresh waves of sounds that aspire to inspire listeners to experience new life within every song leaving each with a taste of wanting more.

Collaborating with different artists like Cezvr, ŁOAY Pirana And NAS and hopping on the trend of no limits, when it comes to electronic music, EL X doesn't hesitate to explore and discover new boundaries while breaking old ones.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 25, 2021

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