eliá – Apart

“Slightly irregular rhythm, hypnotic vocals and a melody that seems to wander in the night. It's a rare and very valuable approach into music production, especially in the scene of Indie electronic. A track that instantly sticks in memory and plays repeatedly.”

“Рваный, немного грязный ритм, гипнотический вокал и словно блуждающая в ночи мелодия. Это редкий и очень ценный подход к созданию музыки, особенно в жанре инди-электроники. Трек, который моментально врезается в память и звучит на повторе.”


"Apart" started with me jamming piano chords with a Bond-vibe. As the lyrics took form the song became both melancholic and powerful. "Apart" is about losing and grieving someone who is still present. There is something that died between you, but it's hard to grief someone that has not disappeared physically. With creative music production and mixing "Apart" became a sad electro ballad.


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 12, 2022