Ethan Gontar – Wildest Dreams Ft. Shay Vagner

“Music that you admire and enrich your heart with it, filling yourself with light and warmth. Deep sound layers, beautiful instrumentation and vocals from -Ethan Gontar & Shay Vagner-. Original, catchy and sensual sound.”

“Музыка, которой восхищаешься и обогащаешь своё сердце, наполняя его светом и теплом. Глубокие слои, красивая инструментальная составляющая и вокалы -Ethan Gontar & Shay Vagner-. Оригинальная, красивая, цепляющая и чувственная музыка.”

The song describes a relationship that wasn’t mutual, the woman didn’t feel the same way as the man did.

The man feels that the woman doesn’t give him the love he deserves, and it’s making him weak, and everything suddenly seems so weird.

He starts to recollect all of the wildest dreams that came true and the ones that they planned for the future to come.

He talks about the deep connection that they had, his strong feelings that dont align with hers.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 29, 2022