Fly Project – En Vogue (Spotify)

“If you prefer saturated and deep music, then you will definitely be comfortable in the cozy atmosphere created by "Fly Project". Deep bass, positive vocals and the overall track energy that will create the most memorable vibrations in your subconscious!”

“Если вы предпочитаете насыщенную и глубокую музыку, то вам определенно будет комфортно в уютной атмосфере, которую создал -Fly Project-. Глубокий бас, позитивный вокал и общая неудержимая энергетика трека создают в подсознание самые запоминающиеся вибрации!”

It’s all about music. And people. And their emotions. Fly Project’s singles peak so fast to no 1 in charts and first in people’s choice for parties and everyday listening. Billions of views, likes and steams gathered prove how loved is Fly Project’s music worldwide.

Fly Project knows exactly how to craft the sounds to make groundbreaking hits, to get directly to the people’s heart and make it bounce with uplifting energy. To create “En Vogue” new memories for a lifetime. EN VOGUE is a game changing NEW single, with exciting tunes, feel-good vibes and a sexy french touch.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 11, 2021