“A stunning composition with memorable chorus and measured rhythm. Very melodic, soft and easily listened at any instance anywhere. High-quality R & B with NU-Disco charming elements, personality and special character!”

“Потрясающая композиция с запоминающемся припевом и размеренным ритмом повествования. Очень мелодичная, мягкая и легко слушается в любой атмосфере и в любом месте. Качественное R&B с элементами Nu-disco со своим шармом, индивидуальностью и непревзойденностью!”


‘LOVELIFE’ is packed with love and life.

C4SUAL transports you back to the hey-day of plush 80's disco-

pop. 'LOVELIFE' is a prime example of disco-pop of the 21st century. The funky bassline and sprinkled rhythm guitar will have you reminiscing over top 80s tracks from the likes of Lionel Richie or Luther Vandross.

The debut release from the North Lanarkshire R&B artist delivers a soulful summery energy swaddled with funky electronic accompaniments. Sensual layered vocal runs open the track, and you instantly know you’re in for a treat. Infectiously fun and full of classic swooner attitude, C4SUAL brings a romanticism and flirtiness to the party. His heartfelt lyrics of yearning love, provide a catchy hook bound to spur singalongs, while the groove will encapsulate feet worldwide.

It certainly packs a production punch with 80s inspired keyboard glissandos, syncopated string stabs and jazzy bass rhythms. Co- written and produced with Stuart McInnes [Alex Hobson, EMIAH, Tom Hall, Scott Forshaw], the charismatic pair created this fresh vibrant pop track which is dripping in a subtle swagger. A sign of great things to come.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 11, 2021