Frédéric Chopin x Dmitry Ishkhanov – 12 Études, Op. 25: No. 7 in C-Sharp Minor, B. 98 “Cello (Spotify)

“A new spin on the true classics. You can feel Chopin smiling on us as his works are reborn, with feeling and grace. Channeled by a new class of the master’s class. ”

Navona Records presents VIRTUOSO, a collection of works by Frederic Chopin performed by piano prodigy Dmitry Ishkhanov. Featured on this album are the pieces Ishkhanov cites as Chopin’s most meaningful: the four Mazurkas of Op. 17, the Nocturne in C sharp minor of Op. 27, and the Etudes of Op. 25, considered by many as one of the most challenging repertoires to master. Ishkhanov approaches these works with Chopin’s intentions in mind, conjuring a smooth singing voice from the piano in contrast to the instrument’s percussive nature. Ishkhanov performs a fresh iteration of Chopin’s work with integrity and finesse in this recording.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 19, 2021