Tim Reynolds ft Nikki Glaspie – ‘Guardian Angels’ Official Music Video (100% of Proceeds to PHAR) (Video)

“Forward thinking movement encapsulated into a beautiful natural musical pattern. Like a free-flowing mountain stream put together with some very talented jazzy cats. ”


Tim Reynolds, two-time Grammy nominated composer / performer and guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band, in conjunction with the non-profit record label, CommunityZ RecordZ, is proud to announce the release of his new single, Guardian Angels, featuring Nikki Glaspie (ex Beyoncé, The Nth Power, Maceo Parker, Kamani) on drums and percussion. On September 24th, the single will be exclusively available for purchase (not on any streaming platforms) but only on the CommunityZ RecordZ official pages (links below), with 100% of proceeds going to support the Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents (PHAR-CVille). PHAR’s mission is to educate and empower low-income residents of Charlottesville, VA–a town undergoing sweeping cultural changes–with the ability to protect and improve their community through collective action. The organization is dedicated to advocating for and working closely with public housing residents and is entirely governed by public housing residents and one Section 8 resident. Tim’s partnership with CommunityZ RecordZ allows him to give back to his former hometown where his musical journey began, as well as contribute an earnest effort to protect the integrity of Charlottesville, a diverse and evolving community that acts in parallel and in reflection to the rest of the country, if not the world. The mission of CommunityZ RecordZ is to connect artists with their formative roots and save the world one song, one artist, one community at a time. Rarely does the moment meet the music, but in this case, and especially in this time, it felt imperative to ensure that it does.

“I feel incredibly lucky to even be able to support a group like PHAR, and that they exist in a town that is forever dear to my heart. As far as the chance to work with someone of the musical caliber of Nikki Glaspie, I couldn’t jump fast enough,” states Reynolds.

Musically, Guardian Angels began as a track that Reynolds recorded on a four track at his home. CommunityZ RecordZ, the brainchild of Will Bradford (SeepeopleS, theWorst, RascalZ RecordZ) and music artist Sparxsea with board members from the American Special Hockey Association and Payback, as well as Nikki Glaspie herself who serves on the advisory board, had expressed interest in releasing a collaborative song for charity. Reynolds had known Bradford from years of touring and recording together, and with artists, musicians, and activists connected during the covid lockdown of 2020, the project and mission were born. This collective vision to help make artists and their music essential again via the direct support of a grassroots support charity, will perhaps offer a more meaningful way for musicians, audiences, and communities to interact and co-exist.

Upon collaboration with Nikki Glaspie, Tim’s song took on a new life and became the rare unreleased gem that is now Guardian Angels. The song was lovingly edited, mixed, and mastered by Will Holland (Pixies, Dead Can Dance) at Chillhouse Studios in Boston, MA. The accompanying music video, filmed and edited by Sparxsea (drone footage by Andrew Doody) features scenes from the removal of Confederate statues in the former heart and soul of the confederacy, a seminal event of this past summer in Charlottesville. It is fascinating to think that Reynolds recorded the original composition long before he and Glaspie so accurately captured the uncertain, cautious, but strong and hopeful emotions surrounding this important juncture in time…as well as ambitions and aspirations felt by the residents of Charlottesville, a city that has become ground zero for the racial reckoning across America. This is literally a city changing before our eyes. With Guardian Angels, Tim Reynolds and Nikki Glaspie have given us a truly heartfelt musical offering and we kindly ask for your support to help make this gift one that gives back as much as possible–not just to Charlottesville–but our entire global community as well. We thank you in advance.

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