FVLCRVM, Annet X – Do It All Again (Video)

“What happens when things go wrong? We just have to “Do It All Again”! Join in the mysterious atmosphere of this Contemporary R&B tune and forget any typical sound. Poping beat, rich percussion, singing duo and an interesting clip too.”



Being exposed to MTV as a kid made late 90s pop a lifelong inspiration for FVLCRVM. His new single „Do It All Again” features direct references to two hits from this era and cements the 90s homage as FVLCRVM’s latest trademark. „Do It All Again” is a song about failing as an inevitable part of life which makes it even more a true anthem for millennials. Adding the feature vocals by Czech R&B singer Annet X turned out as zeitgeisty as delicate: “The first demo of Annet’s part was recorded on her headphone’s mic while she was a little sick. It was so unique it took us a lot of time to replicate the sound and vibe from the hi-fi studio recording,” explains FVLCRVM.

The music video by Saymon was shot in Slovakia in a real sand desert in Zahorie’s pine forest with the 90s Citroen XM designed by Bertone and starring FVLCRVM, Annet X and Miška Duchová. Obstacles like broken headlights in the pitch black field after the film crew was gone and an accidentally wrecked borrowed designer jacket were overcome by the artists.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 16, 2021