Galetta – Telepathic Hypnosis – Radio Edit

“Prepare for a taste of old and groovy House music from "Galetta". The UK-based artist is quite specific on its sound, which comes from classic synthesizers. Among some bright melodic elements, also noticeable is his fat bassline that emerges shortly before the end. Hypnotic and addictive track.”

Galetta is the deep-progressive house project from UK-based producer and DJ, Rich Saunders.

Born from a desire to create melodic, groovy dance music that pricks the emotions, Galetta draws inspiration from the open-minded dancefloors of the 80s and 90s, alongside the aesthetic of contemporary deep and minimal house productions.

The Galetta sound is heavily influenced by the classic house and techno machines – SH-101, Juno, Jupiter, 909, 303, and the Rhodes - creating warm, bass heavy, and often uplifting cuts.

Galetta’s debut EP: The Programme, was signed to 8 House Records and has been warmly welcomed by DJs and dancefloors the world-over.

With an exciting and packed year ahead, Galetta has a full schedule of releases dropping on his self-titled label, Galetta Records.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 20, 2022