EUR x Jason Aro x DJ Phat – Shill Crypto Rap

“Hit you hard like the start of the beat. The new financial norm seems to be sweeping the world. Fresh nu-skool beats compiled together with a fiscally conscious future-based thought. Double up and swipe up we are going to blow up! ”

The song is inspired by Crypto Token “Shillitapp”,

Disclaimer: The song is not intended to be investment advice.

EUR - Rap - Born and raised in Rome Italy, now based in Joshua Tree, CA. Musician and composer first then turned into Crypto Rapper.

Instagram: @eur_music

Jason Aro - Beat - Based in Lousiana, Jason Aro of Kloudninemusic. Beat maker with thousands of beats

Twitter: @kloudninemusic

DJ Phat: DJ Scratches, Mixing - DJ Phat based in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Well known DJ in the Mexican rap scene, currently on tour with rapper Hispana


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 20, 2022