“Monumental epic breath comes from this classical composition. From this professional performance is obtained something unprecedented and never heard before, but definitely produces a striking impression.”

“От это классической композиции веет монументальной эпичностью, что в совокупности с профессиональным исполнением получается нечто невиданное и не слышанное ранее, но однозначно производящее поразительное впечатление.”

In February, Gifts From Crows worked with the Northern Film Orchestra to perform 3 tracks from the debut album at Stoller Hall in Manchester. These are to be released as an e.p., ‘Northern Film Orchestra Sessions Vol. I’ and ‘As Nature Returns’ is the lead track. As the country was still under a national lockdown, the orchestra had not performed for 4 months and so jumped at the opportunity to undertake a socially distanced recording session.

The forthcoming E.P. is a stunning re-imagining of pieces from the album, ‘Holding a Thought Forever’, performed by a 20 piece ensemble, conducted by Melvin Tay and arranged by Alexander Proudlock. The NFO has a strong affiliation with the Royal Northern College of Music and many of the orchestra members are graduates of the Royal Northern.

Speaking about the session, composer Richard Laurence of Gifts From Crows says, “I’d been imagining this music being performed for so long but, with the ongoing covid situation, I didn’t know if it would be possible. Meeting the NFO was transformational in that sense and, whilst the social distancing was a challenge, just hearing your music played back to you by such wonderful musicians was an incredibly moving experience.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 5, 2021

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