Gin Palace – Momma Never Told Ya

“The imperishable Retro Soul genre, which has already controlled our feelings and emotions. Similar music as a monologue with himself, which helps to plunge headlong into the musical component of a multi -faced theater. It is worth mentioning professional work on vocal parties. You need to hear it! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Нетленный жанр Retro Soul, вот уже которое десятилетие управляет нашими чувствами и эмоциями. Подобная музыка как монолог с самим собой, которая помогает окунуться с головой в музыкальную составляющую многоликого театра. Стоит упомянуть профессиональную работу над вокальными партиями. Это нужно слышать!”

This track is about taking all of that frustration mentioned previously and flipping it on its head, poking fun at it and using it as motivation to keep moving and making the world a more positive place as you go.

Momma Never Told Ya, takes the roots of Gin Palace’s influences, in the delicate psychedelic and funk and fuses it together with the bands own modern twist, creating a radio-friendly brass-filled funk "banger". With this song the band try to explore all of that doom and gloom, the imposter syndrome and the quiet questions we all ask ourselves in the middle of the night and force ourselves to put a positive spin on it. Moving forward and focusing on each other, how we can help each other.

“It doesn’t really matter, for we are only matter and only love is the goal.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 16, 2022