“The history of -Glennellen Anderson- proves that miracles do happen and her track -Fanfiction- indicates that the author stands in the intersection of two genres. Those smooth transitions from one mood to another, is one of the most surprising aspects.”

“История -Glennellen Anderson- подтверждение того, что чудеса случаются и её трек -Fanfiction- указывает на то, как автор существует на стыке жанров и подачи материала и с лёгкостью переходит из одного настроения в другое, — одно из самых удивительных её свойств.”

Fanfiction is a melancholy story about the phone call that was never had from a breakup that still haunts you. It starts with initially understanding why you know the relationship is over but soon spirals over all the reasons you don't understand how someone you loved could hurt you like this. The spoken word bridge is chilling and the layers of the last chorus act as all the voices in your head telling you to stay and move on as you finally breakdown and accept that there is no saving this.

Glennellen Anderson has made only two promises to herself for this life. One, she would never dye or change her natural red locks and two, she would absolutely make a name for herself in this industry. At no surprise to anyone, she has definitely kept her word.

The redhead wow'd on hit show AMERICAN IDOL, impressing the judges at only 15 years old, and was asked to return a few years later after she'd gained more experience.

At 19, Glennellen returned to the show - this time, soaring through to Hollywood week with a golden ticket in hand. After competing G went on to record and co-produce her debut album, Perspective, and landed a distribution deal with Hitman Records. It sold out its first year, having been made available with Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more.

Anderson decided her next move was to take on the world. G collaborated with French/German duo Cosmow on pop single, "AFTERGLOW," and reached #4 on the Top 20 in Greece, #14 on the Greece Dance Charts and the track is now spinning on some of the biggest iHeart Radio platforms, including Jay-Z's TIDAL.

With a multitude of headlining shows at hollywoods hottest venues such as the Whiskey A Go Go and The Hotel Cafe under her belt, all eyes are on G to see what she'll acomplish next!

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 19, 2021

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