“The information and mastering are made at a very high level and over all this splendor, as at the peak of the high mountain, the original voice rises -goldie Vargas-, the vocal data of which cannot be explained, you just need to hear it at least once and fall in love forever!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сведение и мастеринг выполнены на очень высоком уровне и над всем этим великолепием, как на пике высокой горы возвышается оригинальный голос -Goldie Vargas-, вокальные данные которой не поддаются объяснению, его надо просто услышать хотя бы один раз и влюбиться навсегда!”


Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Goldie Vargas has released her new single, “Moving in Reverse."

“Moving in Reverse” is Goldie’s second single and follows her debut release, “Strawberry Kisses.” Both songs will be included on her upcoming EP, due out this Summer.

Written during the first week of the pandemic, "Moving in Reverse" is a cathartic emotional release. Over dreamy, atmospheric production, Goldie’s honeyed vocals unfurl as she poignantly describes the fear, isolation and uncertainty she was feeling: “Days go by and I’m still trying to find the way to get out alive / Days go by and I’m still trying to get towards the other side.”

After writing and recording "Moving in Reverse," Goldie didn't touch it again for an entire year. She explains what drew her back to the song: "It took a really mentally challenging period of my life to take me back to the final recording of the song where I discovered an entire new meaning in it. Everything I was going through with brain fog, anxiety and depression was being said through the song and communicated in such a clear way."