“Are you worried about losing your other half? Do you find yourself dissapointed of an unexpected change in a personal relationship? This "Last Call" can release from any fear of loss, because in fact we own nothing at all.”

Australian artist Harry Nathan closed out 2020 with news of his upcoming EP “Songs About Falling” while also sharing its first single ‘High’ (released via Majestic Casual Records). He’s coming back to us this month with that EP’s second single ‘Last Call’.

Throughout all of the songs on this new EP, Harry draws nostalgic inspiration via 80’s drum machines and synthesisers, reminiscent of Todd Terje, Client Liaison and Touch Sensitive. For the story behind this particular song, the singer/songwriter and producer portrays a tale of emotional heartache, written via the viewpoint of his close friend..

“I wrote this song from the perspective of one of my best friends, who was going through a tricky break up. Matters of the heart are never easy, we’ve all been in that situation where a once loving relationship nears its fatal end. We scramble for clarity in the abyss as our world shifts into the emotional unknown.”

"The song wrote itself in an hour. Mr. Moustache was at my place in LA and showing me some instrumental ideas, I heard "Last Call" and the lyrics and story began pouring out of me."– Harry Nathan

A few words that come to mind while listening to ‘Last Call’ are “smooth”, “nostalgic” and “dreamy” just to name a few, and that can all easily be associated with the 80’s drum machines and synthesisers that Harry has used throughout the EP.

‘Last Call’ is one of those songs that would perfectly suit a late-night cruise through a city or coastal road on a warm summer’s eve.

Stay tuned for the “Songs About Falling” EP, scheduled for release in March 2021.


Listen to ‘High’ via Majestic Casual:

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Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 9, 2021

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