Hawken Horse – Free

“The slight hoarseness in the voice of "Hawken Horse" gives a special charm to his vocals, which intoxicates his listeners like mulled wine. Acoustic Indie Folk music suitable for all seasons and relevant at any time, anywhere and anytime. If you want to relax your soul, then the choice is obvious - listen and enjoy.”

“Лёгкая хрипотца в голосе -Hawken Horse- придаёт его вокалу особый шарм, который словно тёплое вино опьяняет своих слушателей. Акустический инди-фолк музыка на все времена и актуальна всегда и везде и в любую погоду. Если вы желаете отдохнуть душой, то выбор очевиден — слушайте и наслаждайтесь.”


This is a song about freedom and not being willing to surrender it once you've tasted it.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 26, 2022