Diane Arkenstone & David Arkenstone – The White Stallion

“"The White Stallion" is a truly fabulous work! It carries the spirit of mythology, the crystal sound of steel swords, the glory of unicorns and flying dragons, which cut the streams of cold air. Feel the adventure in the charm of Neoclassical music!”

“-The White Stallion- по-настоящему сказочное произведение! В нём чувствуется дух мифологии, звон стальных мечей, пение единорогов и взмах крыльев драконов, которые словно лезвие разрезают потоки холодного воздуха. Почувствуйте дух приключения в очарование неоклассической музыки!”


This is the fourth track from Diane and her longtime GRAMMY-nominated composing and producing partner David Arkenstone on their new album, written from the Queen’s perspective, ‘Avalon: Between Earth and Sky’. "We both love Celtic history, myths and magic, which is why we wrote the first Avalon album. And this new album is the continuation of the first one but from the feminine point of view, as the feminine energy gains power and recognition in the world, and keeps Avalon alive, on into the future.” ‘The White Stallion’ is an orchestral and cinematic masterpiece that “represents the rise of a spiritual energy, leaving behind negative energies, so as to create a more compassionate, loving world”. Diane's music has been featured on Amazon's Spa and Meditation channels for many years, and the original Avalon album has garnered millions of streams since release. This is a gorgeous fantasy album with full orchestration, live players, and vocalizations.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 26, 2022