TIM PLVNK – Shawty

“A groovy beat and ultrasonic melody can be enough to lift our mood in the highest level and clean the mind from any dark thoughts. “TIM PLVNK” spreads great excitement with this Deep House dynamite and its strong spirit of love.”


Hailing from Germany, DJ/producer Tim Plvnk has been making a name for himself within the electronic music scene. Seeing his signature sound being implemented to the utmost of perfection in each of his productions to date. This time sees Tim delving even deeper into the spectre of house music & to great success.


His latest release, ‘Shawty’ [signed to Virgin Records] offers the most captivating of elements throughout its entirety, with its rolling groove and infectious vocal elevating this track to even further heights.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 26, 2022