Henrik von Euler – Stor mellan

“If you prefer (Neo) Classical sound, trust "Henrik von Euler" for a short listening break. The artist has combined piano notes with wind instruments in order to create an image of warmth. This piece can make you feel so comfortable, like being with the best company of friends.”


Today we release Stor mellan, the first single from the upcoming album Små Vågor 5 by Henrik von Euler and Små Vågor. You

Stor mellan is the only reasonable order at Restaurang Hjälmaren in Årsta. Everything else has become too expensive. I think they’re keeping the price down on it just so we can stay. We usually sit in Smygen or at table five. Table five is called Masa beş which phonetically translates to loads of beers in Swedish (Massa bärs).

We who sit there are Rickard, Osten, Pelle, Tove, Linda, Anna, Martina, Anders, Conny, Hult, Kajsa, Lisa, Uhrlander, Hygglo, Sampan, Caroline Boxarn and Bubben. Bengtssons used to sit there but they have moved to the city.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 31, 2022