Holy Molly – Bang Bang (Spotify)

“"Holly Molly" has delivered a real bomb which is about to explode. The perfect combination of an expressive voice and groovy electronic loops can guarantee your amuzement in less than three minutes of Electro Pop magic. Boom, bang bang!”


"I think “Bang Bang” is probably one of the strongest stories I’ve ever written a song about. Imagine this picture: a very toxic relationship, addiction, obsession, domestic violence and everything in between. And in some cases, love is so strong it makes you blind to all those signs regarding your partner’s real character. This is how you can end up in the wrong place with no way to escape from it. From time to time, I think it’s important to talk about the world's real problems, and domestic violence affects people all around the globe. Of course, I had an amazing team helping me create this song and outline the concept." says Holy Molly.

Holy Molly is a singer, songwriter and actress known for her powerful voice and intriguing lyrics. Growing up as a musician, she learned how to play piano, guitar, took music theory and canto lessons at a very young age. She had her first video at the age 13, becoming a pop sensation in her country. Her strong collaborations with LIZOT, Alex Parker, Cosmo & Skoro and Shanguy, made her music included in significant Spotify playlists, Main Stage, SLAP !, Dance Bandeau, Bangers, Power Hour. “Twinkle Twinkle”, had amazing performances in Poland, airplaying in both major radios and musical TV channels. Moreover, the track peaked at #27 in Top 200 Romania, entered EDM DANCE TOP 100 on Deezer and TikTok Dance 2021 on Apple Music. While doing her own songwriting, she compliments her sensual and feminin voice. Her newest track "Shot a friend" was featured with cover on Dance Alert and was placed in Dance Brandneu, Hit Dancefloor, and Fresh Dance Pop. Keep close as there are more surprises coming your way from Holy Molly!

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 18, 2021