“If you are still not familiar with chill-hop, then we are in a hurry to please you and present a unique example of this genre. You are ready? Then the single -Still, i'm here- will be your ticket to the world of tranquility and paradise peace.”

“Если вы до сих пор не знакомы с chill-hop, то мы спешим вас порадовать и представить уникальный образец данного жанра. Вы готовы? Тогда сингл -Still, i'm here- станет вашим билетом в мир спокойствия и райского умиротворения.”

Gabriel King Houis, or Houis, is a French born downtempo producer currently living in New York City. Influenced by artists such as Joe Hertz, Cabu, and FKJ, Houis' unique style of intimate lo-fi beats are the perfect combination of hip hop and jazzy chillout. Houis' debut album Nocturnal was featured on Lo-Fi Beats, Vinyasa Flow, Quiet Hours, and a number of other official Spotify playlists. His debut album has received over 2.5 million combined streams in it's first year.

"still, i'm here" is the lastest single from Houis. Its approach and title refer to the power of resiliency after a very difficult year for the artist. It's a sonic testament to finding peace in the midst of a challenging year, and moving forward with a resilient mindframe. "still, i'm here" is out March 12 worldwide on Blanket Fort.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 17, 2021

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