Rohne – Ceres (Spotify)

“Rhythm is our everything. It makes the heart pump blood through the pulsating veins. The polyrhythmy in the track -Ceres- just drives you crazy, and the rich ambient layers immerse you as if in a thick substance, where you dissolve and melt ...”

“Ритм наше всё. Он заставляет сердце гонять кровь по пульсирующим в такт венам. Полиритмия в треке -Ceres- просто сводит с ума, а насыщенные слои ambient погружают тебя словно в густую субстанцию, где ты растворяешься и таешь...”

Over a year since his last release, Rohne breaks the silence with “Ceres” — a blend of lush ambience, foley recordings, driving sub, and broken house rhythms. The emotive yet expansive track seems to act as the perfect departure from his debut album, taking his sound gently into a more club oriented direction.

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Originating from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, electronic producer Rohne (Keenan Branch) has spent recent years honing his craft while traveling the world with a laptop, headphones, and field recorder. The culmination of ideas and inspirations captured at his home studio, mobile set ups in India, and places in-between, now lead to the release of his debut work Meridian. The album represents the blooming of a bond between Rohne, his art, and the world around him. Drawing influences from a wide range of genres, lush, organic and ethereal sounds, Rohne’s nuanced style of electronic music is an intimate and immersive experience of its own.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 17, 2021