Hunter Daily – Die In LA

“The winner of the chic vocal range -Hunter Daily – again pleases his fans, exposing his soul in front of each of his listeners. The light melody Electro Pop, stunning depth text and atmosphere of complete harmony with oneself. This is not an easy track – this is music with a capital letter!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Обладательница шикарного вокального диапазона -Hunter Daily- вновь радует своих поклонников, обнажая свою душу перед каждым из своих слушателей. Лёгкая мелодия Electro Pop, потрясающей глубины текст и атмосфера полной гармонии с самим собой. Это непросто очередной трек — это Музыка с Большой буквы!”

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Hunter Daily is making her official debut with a brand new single entitled “Die In LA,” the first in a series of singles that will arrive in the next few months via Flush Records. Alongside Executive Producer Jenna Andrews (the hitmaker behind BTS’ “Butter” and “Dynamite,” in addition to Benee’s “Supalonley”), Daily spearheads music that encompasses the romance, heartbreak, and complexity of her hometown.

On her debut single, Hunter wrote:

“‘Die In LA’ is about being from LA and never feeling like I can leave or see other places because of the industry I’ve chosen. It’s juxtaposition of hating LA and the scene and not feeling like I fit in, but its also where I come from; I love LA just the same. I don’t want it to be the only thing I ever experienced at the end of the day. Everyone else gets to make that leap to follow their dreams and come here to LA or wherever to follow their dreams, but when you’re from here and in this industry, you’re forced to stay put. This song is about my longing to see more of the world and escape some of the monotony that is LA.”

Continuing on its accompanying music video, she wrote:

“This song was written as a kind of love/hate letter to LA because it has been my home my whole life.The essence of the city is such a part of me and I wanted the video to capture that, and I think it does.

Making your first music video can very much be an intimidating process. I had to learn to go with the flow and accept the imperfections of the process. I loved collaborating with the director, Gus Black, having my friends dance in the background of one of the scenes, driving around the city in a vintage convertible, freezing my butt off, and jumping in pools time and time again for each take… all of that contributed to bringing out the spirit of the LA that I grew up in.”

Said Jenna Andrews of working with Hunter:

“Hunter is one of the most talented and exciting artists I’ve been around in a long time. She is a ‘true artist,’ and completely authentic to herself.”

Soon, Hunter Daily is sharing additional singles, “Before It Falls Apart” (due October 14) and “Skeleton Key” (due November 18).

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 10, 2022