“The perfection of simplicity from "Life breath" directly at your speakers. So etherial and elusive Until you realize that it's over. Like water flowing slowly in a small pond carrying leaves to an unknown direction. Respect for that true artist!”

life breath is a textural, instrumental meditation on collective loss and rebirth. It is the second track on my forthcoming EP "elegy" (due out March 12, 2021). Fun additional fact: I am a sound designer for Ableton, the Germany-based electronic software/hardware company. I design midi instrument pre-sets for their digital audio workstation, Ableton Live. One of my recent creations is a midi pre-set in the "Drone Lab" sound pack (which was released alongside Ableton Live 11) called "lifebreath." I designed this drone-y sound as I was indulging in this instrumental meditation, and I wanted to share it with Ableton users and music creators around the world.

I AM SNOW ANGEL fuses digital and organic elements, creating a sound that is at once ethereal and earthy. The music is composed, performed, produced and engineered by recording artist and multi-instrumentalist Julie Kathryn. I AM SNOW ANGEL has been featured in MusicTech Magazine, TapeOp, American Songwriter, Magnetic Mag, Refinery 29, and many more for her “fluorescent beats and emotionally charged melodies” and “dedication to craft.” She is an imaginative and prolific producer, sound designer for Ableton, and co‐founder of Female Frequency, a musical collective dedicated to empowering women in the music industry. Her newest release, Elegy (due out March 12, 2021), is a creative meditation on our collective loss and rebirth.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 20, 2021

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