“No pompous crescendos, the composition sounds restrained, transparent and laconic. A fragile, almost weightless as wind travel along the native land of the composer.”

“Никаких помпезных крещендо, композиция звучит сдержанно, прозрачно и лаконично. Хрупкое, почти невесомое как ветер путешествие по родным краям композитора.”

Artist shared few words with us behind his inspiration for this music:

"I wrote this song just as COVID began to ravage NYC, having no idea we would still be living under its shadow one year later. I happened upon a patch of beautiful, blooming flowers on a path off the Hudson River in a windstorm. They were swaying and bending but never breaking, and I'm hoping this music will help people enter into the peace and beauty of flowers moving with the wind - bending yet not breaking - defiant and resolute despite it all." - Isle'r

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 26, 2021

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