Jacob Milstein – Old Timer

“This charming Acoustic composition captivates the listener not so much with its lyrics, but with its sound approach. Warm, sincere and so wonderful, as if you are at home, where they love you and are waiting for you. Music for your soul and life.”

“Эта очаровательная, акустическая композиция берёт в плен слушателя не столько своей лирикой, сколько подходом к звуку. Тёплый, душевный и такой родной, словно ты оказался в родном доме, где тебя любят и ждут. Музыка для души, музыка для жизни.”


Old Timer was written in fifteen minutes after seeing an old man's face in a local market in East Nashville. Rita Pfeiffer accompanies on mandolin and background vocals. Self-produced.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 15, 2022