Jerome Sparx – Morning Glories

“Have you ever heard the statement that love is submissive to all ages? This is a soft, sensual Dream Pop, in which real and sincere human feelings are conveyed with amazing trepidation. In order to not happen in your life – continue to love. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы слышали когда-либо утверждение, что любви все возрасты покорны? Это мягкий, чувственный Dream Pop, в котором с удивительным трепетом переданы настоящие и искренние человеческие чувства. Чтобы не происходило в вашей жизни — продолжайте любить.”

Morning Glories” tries to capture the beauty and the fragility that love holds. Like the morning glory flower, love grows in its full potential, as a new sunrise, but one can never know the course of its own life – how long will love last and if or when it will end in its own sunset. the song is inspired by the Morning Glory climbing shrub that grows in Sparx’s garden in his countryside home. touched by the delict beauty of the blossoming flower as nature awakes from its winter sleep into spring, that is filled with potential as a new starting point for all. In the song the Morning Glory flower is a delicate symbol of love that forever holds the memory of a purple breezy spring for as far as eye can reach the sky. This song is Jerome’s 3rd released single taken from his upcoming debut album. In this song Jerome displays his take about love, a love who knows no boundaries.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 18, 2022