Jess Baldwin – Wild

“Numerous sound landscapes Neo-Soul, R&B and Nu Jazz are opening in front of you. This music is intended to achieve calm, space and mental harmony. The melody is filled with soft, light intonations and warmth of vocals -Jess Baldwin-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Перед вами открываются многочисленные звуковые пейзажи Neo-Soul, R&B и Nu Jazz. Эта музыка предназначена для достижения спокойствия, пространства и душевной гармонии. Мелодия наполнена мягкими, светлыми интонациями и теплотой вокала -Jess Baldwin-.”

Wild begins with a solo heartbeat in the keyboards. It's not a resting heart rate. It's the heightened rate of a caged animal pacing along the bars. The verses feel restrained. Held in. Clenched. And then the chorus explodes with a belty vocal sound...a calling out...and horns join in. Violins represent the yearning to be free, and the drum solo represents the caged wildness.

It was in writing Wild that the title for my album, ANIMA, came about. In my 30's, I realized that I believed being a separate, independent self who didn't try to please everyone felt akin to being a wild animal. It felt selfish, and doing what I wanted was sure to hurt other. But I felt like a caged tiger. I wanted to be free, and I couldn't take care of everyone else at my own expense anymore. I had to uncage myself and be WILD if I was going to live an authentic, vibrant, powerful life, let alone have something to say in my music. I had to let other people be their own animal, too, because the ANIMA is where our breath, soul, spirit, courage, desire, and life force originate. We all need to be beautifully wild in our own ways.


This crazy love can’t seem to get a hold of itself

Until I’ve drained myself dry

Filling the gaps, spilling through cracks in broken hearts

‘Til I start to break apart

This wild heart has to be set free

If it’s gonna survive

This wild heart can only beat for me

If it’s gonna stay alive

This crazy love gets so tangled up in you

And this web we’ve spun ourselves into

Can’t move, can’t breathe,

Can’t loosen even one string

For fear we both start unraveling

This wild heart has to be set free

If it’s gonna survive

This wild heart can only beat for me

If it’s gonna stay alive


Jess Baldwin

Vocals, Keys/Synths, Lyrics, Composer, Producer

Ryan Kennedy


Will Strickler


Andy Hall


Ayran Nicodemo


Keith Hanlon

Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Jon-Paul Frappier

Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Chris Ott (The Huntertones)


Yuri Villar


Reviewed by Nagamag on July 10, 2022