“During listening, the only desire will appear – to hug to the chest of the one who is dear to you and love. The song has a lot of femininity, feelings, romanticism and a little sad, which is like the last drop of wine at the bottom of an empty glass. One of the most beautiful and delicate works.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Во время прослушивания появится единственное желание – обнять к груди того, кто дорог вам и любим. В песне много женственности, чувств, романтизма и немного грусти, которая словно последняя капелька вина на дне пустого бокала. Одно из самых красивых и нежных произведений.”


Los Angeles-based duo Jim and Sam return with “Space for the Stranger,” the title track from their forthcoming EP, out September 30th. On Space for the Stranger, the pair congregate around wistful harmonies, intimate lyrics, and unshakable melodies as they journey into becoming parents for the first time during the height of the worldwide hiatus. The single explores the physical and mental space they needed to make as they were preparing to welcome their daughter, Hazel.

Sam says, “It was late at night, and we were tearing apart our home studio, turning it into a nursery, and playing the ‘remember that time on tour’ game. The next morning, I walked downstairs, and Jim was sitting at the piano singing the first line of the song, ‘do you remember, late night in Boston?’ The song became a conversation about how our lives were about to change forever.”

The single comes with an intimate peek at the couple’s time on the road leading up to the life-changing moment that inspired the song.