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There was a persistent desire to collect all things, throw the keys to the door under the rug and go to a distant journey. Deep rhythms, soft leads and unexpected transitions that are crazy with their originality and surprise. 100% dive!”

“Появилось стойкое желание собрать все вещи, бросить ключи от двери под коврик и отправиться в далёкое путешествие. Глубокие ритмы, мягкие лиды и неожиданные переходы, которые сводят с ума своей оригинальностью и неожиданностью. 100% погружение!”

UK-based rising artist JKP has garnered support from the likes of some of the most prestigious names in the electronic music scene including Rufus Du Sol, Sasha, and Martin Garrix. He’s also scored radio play on BBC Radio 1 (Jaguar), BBC Introducing, and even topped the Hype machine charts with his remix of Dijon’s “Nico’s Red Truck”. Now, the talented up-and-comer is back with his first release of 2022 titled “Lioness”, a mesmerizing sonic masterpiece that is out today on all streaming platforms.

JKP’s talent in the studio shines on “Lioness”, tapping into euphoric and ambient soundscapes that whisk the listener away instantaneously. Taking inspiration from artists such as Bonobo and Four Tet, JKP delivers an enthralling piece of music - lasting a little over 4 minutes - that can’t help but make listeners want to restart the journey once they reach the end. To accompany the single, he’s also released a 3D model/motion design by designer Eric Kalsbeek that compliments “Lioness” seamlessly.

JKP explains, “I wrote the initial idea for the track last year coming out of lockdown. It was a time when frequent trips to remote countryside with friends helped me feel inspired. Lioness is made to be a track that reflects the escapism that you can find from immersing yourself in nature."

JKP is the artist project alias of writer/producer of John Kilpatrick. Inspired by the UK underground scene and cultures from all around the world, JKP fuses organic and electronic sounds to create forward thinking ethereal dance music for home listening. JKP has a lot in store for 2022 and is undoubtedly an artist to keep an eye on throughout this year.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 9, 2022

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