SAVEN – Falling Falling Down

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Air, memorable guitar sounds, clear rhythm drums and expressive vocals -saven, whose incredible timbre loving to each word. A variety of structure and memorable motive allow you to immerse yourself in a rich and deep atmosphere of Indie Rock.”

“Воздушные, запоминающиеся звуки гитары, чёткий ритм барабанов и выразительный вокал -SAVEN-, чей невероятный тембр вслушиваться в каждое слово. Разнообразная структура и запоминающийся мотив позволяют погрузиться в насыщенную и глубокую атмосферу Indie Rock.”

“Falling Falling Down” by “Saven” is an alt-country / indie rock song. The song is about taking the wrong path without really fully understand why. It is about being in a unhealthy situation and trying to bring the unconscious reasons for your decisions to your awareness. The music and lyrics present a struggle and fall within oneself. One between sticking to a rewarding and self-fulfilling path and being enticed and distracted from it.

As the tones from the acoustic guitar slide down the neck of the guitar, it completely matches the sentiment of the song. Actually everything about the song: the guitar riff, the heavy vocals, the steel-stringed slide guitar and the drums, draws you in. The ebb and flow of the arrangement is captivating and leaves you utterly enchanted as the song finally reaches a crescendo of emotional rock magic.

This track conveys a feeling of despair, fear and avoidance. In a sense it feels like a mix between a cry for help and hopelessness. If you can relate with the lyrics: “no God will save me”, that “Heaven is fading” and that you are “Falling Falling Down” perhaps this song is for you.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on April 9, 2022