“A song that captures the uncertainty of a rapidly changing world. A record of what once was before the inevitable shift towards life in lockdown and fear of the unknown In essence, a cleanly picked acoustic guitar and melancholic male vocal, supported by a trumpet and trombone that represents male and female human interaction. A thought provoking, well performed ballad.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration on this song:

” The arrangement for the song is based on an arguing couple I passed on the street while riding my bike in the first month of the pandemiic; the trumpet is the woman’s voice and the trombone is the man’s. In the context of the unfolding catastrophe, even their fighting sounded beautiful because it was human and since it felt like everything was slipping away from us, I wanted to record every bit of humanity that I could before it disappeared, taking snapshots in my mind of these beautiful people on the streets.

At the same time as these daily bike rides, I started painting portraits to get by, since my furloughed pay wasn’t enough to pay the bills. This daily process of portrait painting also echoed that feeling of wanting to record some last impressions of humankind before it faded away. ” – Jon Campbell

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 27, 2021

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