Joplyn – I WON’T STAY (Spotify)

“Some music vibes, simply pull like magnet and "Joplyn" knows the recipe of success. Here we've a mixture of Electronic and House elements, which can strongly affect our mood in a positive way. Also the contrast between those fragile vocals and funky rhythms kept us stimulated.”

JOPLYN​​​ is a young ​​​songwriter, producer & vocalist​​​ from Berlin with an international (German, Vietnamese, Canadian) background.

Her music can best be described as ​​“post-genre”​, mysterious, dark, futuristic and emotive ​“Electronica x Deep House​.”​ Ethnic sounds combined with modern productions, fragile vocals against heavy beats.

Lyrically, ​JOPLYN​’ s music is a product of the ​poems​ and short stories she writes. A sense of melancholy and reflection​, the​ loneliness​​ one feels walking down Berlin’s never-ending streets, passing by thousands of people. ​Topics like​ diversity​, as well as ​gender inequality​​ are also very dear to her heart...

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 29, 2022